Content on comes from a variety of sources, but our frequent contributors and team members are listed here.  Contact us by email at .


Elizabeth Allen is a Research Associate at WSU. She studies public perceptions of natural resource management issues and works to support stakeholder engagement in regional climate change impacts research.


hallSonia A. Hall is a Sustainable Systems Analyst at WSU, helping research teams discuss their projects with producers, legislators, agencies, and agricultural professionals. This discourse uses many mechanisms, including written products, webinars, blogs posts, and field days.


krugerChad E. Kruger directs the Center for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources (CSANR), where he provides leadership across a range of research and extension efforts, including climate change, production systems, waste management, and small farms.


rajagopalanKirti Rajagopalan is a Ph.D. candidate and an Associate in Research at WSU. Her work ranges from developing data visualization and decision tools for agriculture, assessing climate impacts on agriculture and water, and engaging stakeholders.


Gabrielle Roesch-McNally is a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Northwest Climate Hub where she focuses on developing climate resources for natural resource managers. She also does applied research on the human dimensions of climate change with a focus on farmer decision making.


saariBrooke Saari is an Extension Coordinator at WSU.  She supports small farms extension, coordinates grant proposals, and plans outreach events. She earned her M.S. in Environmental Science, and worked in natural resource education for 7 years.


stevensonJohn Stevenson is a Regional Climate Extension Specialist at OSU, where he helps stakeholders evaluate what strategies they can use to adapt to future climate conditions that will impact agriculture, forestry, and other natural resources important to rural economies.


whitefieldElizabeth Whitefield is an Extension Coordinator at WSU in Puyallup. She represents the W. Region of Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate, a national extension project associated with eXtension’s Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center.


yorgeyGeorgine Yorgey is Assistant Director at CSANR, supporting research and extension on a range of topics, including climate impacts and climate friendly farming, waste to fuel technologies, natural resources, organic farming and small farms.


zimmermanTara Zimmerman is an Associate in Research at CSANR focusing on technology and ways to engage audiences with CSANR research. She also manages the proposal review and reporting processes for several Center-based grant programs.