September 17th – 19th, 2019

Enduris Training Facility

Spokane, WA

For technical assistance providers, extension staff, and anyone else who works with farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners to promote agroforestry in the PNW.

  • Tuesday, September 17th: Presentations on windbreaks for livestock protection, plant materials, riparian buffer challenges, silvopasture options, pollinator habitat, and more
  • Wednesday, September 18th: Field trip to Regional Agroforestry Projects
  • Thursday, September 19th (optional training): How To Become a Technical Service Provider (TSP)

To register or to see the agenda visit the PNW Agroforestry Working Group website here.

Cost is $75 for the workshop and field tour (September 17th – 18th), with an additional $25 fee for the optional TSP training on September 19th.

For more information contact Shannon Murray:


Coming Spring 2020: Oregon Agroforestry Workshop

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