Webinar Series: Advances in Dryland Farming in the Inland Pacific Northwest


In this series of webinars, scientists present timely information aimed at helping farmers and agricultural professionals interpret the results of recent research on dryland cereal systems in our region. This webinar series stems from the new book Advances in Dryland Farming in the Inland Pacific Northwest, a publication of the six-year Regional Approaches to Climate Change (REACCH; www.reacchpna.org) project, aimed at increasing the sustainability of dryland farming. All times listed are PST.

Webinars are free and no pre-registration is required. Each webinar will be 1 hour long, including Q & A session. Archived versions of these webinars will be posted when available. For more information and links to join the webinars (up to 30 minutes before start), visit the webinar series page.

Order a copy of Advances in Dryland Farming in the Inland Pacific Northwest.

Mark your calendar for the remaining five webinars in this series: 

Monday, Nov 20, 2017 (8:00-9:00 AM) 
Pathogens in Dryland Cereal Systems

Tim Paulitz (USDA-ARS/WSU)

Monday, Nov 27, 2017 (8:00-9:00 AM)
Rotational Intensification & Diversification
Isaac Madsen (WSU)
Bill Pan (WSU)

Monday, Dec 4, 2017 (8:00-9:00 AM) 
Nutrient Management & Precision Application Technology
Tabitha Brown (WSU/Latah SWCD)
Erin Brooks (UI)

Monday, Dec 11, 2017 (8:00-9:00 AM)
Tillage and Residue Management Systems & Impacts on Soil Health in Drylands
Rakesh Awale (OSU)
Prakriti Bista (OSU)

Monday, Dec 18, 2017 (8:00-9:00 AM)
Integrated Weed Management & Insect Pests in Dryland Cereal Systems
Ian Burke (WSU)
Sanford Eigenbrode (UI)

Archived versions will be available on the series webpage following the live webinars.


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